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Fundraising Opt-Out Letter

FC United Fundraising Opt-Out.pdf

All FC United Members are encouraged to particpate in club and team fundraisers. As a non-profit we strive to keep fees to a minimum and provide alterantive options for players/families to meet the fee requirements. If members wish to opt-out of fundraising that is an option too and the letter above should be used for opting out of specific club fundraisers.

Coach of the Year Nomination
Nomination for Coach of the Year

Seasonal Year: _____________________________

Coaches Name: _____________________________ Team Name: _______________________

Submitted by: _____________________ Email:_______________________________________

Long response (500 words or less)
Coaches, especially at the volunteer and developmental levels, have the unique opportunity to teach and inspire their athletes. It is because of the influential qualities that are inherent in the role of a coach that it is important that the nominee embody the ideals set forth by their role of a coach. Referencing specific events and character attributes how has the nominee proven him/herself to be someone of distinguished coaching character?

All nominations should be emailed to Operations Manager (operations@fourcornersunited.com) by April 30th of the seasonal year.
FCYSL Fall 2018 Schedules
Posted Sep 8, 2018

U10 Boys                 U10 Girls

U12 Boys                 U12 Girls

U15 Boys                 U15 Girls

Here are the links to the FCYSL Fall schedules.